Preserve the memories of a loved one with Alzheimer’s

Give your loved one the peace of mind that their stories will be remembered. Through our mobile app, a person with Alzheimer’s and their family members share photos and narrate stories on-camera to document the stories that make them who they are.

Record your loved one telling stories about their life

“Frank and I were married on a beautiful summer day in Rochester, NY. We decided to get married in June because it was the third anniversary of our first date! I was so nervous that day, but it was wonderful to celebrate our love with our friends and family.”

Stories are automatically saved to an album in the app, where family members can browse and view them

Leverage the power of collective storytelling

Preserving the memories of someone with Alzheimer’s can sound overwhelming. myPosterity enables family members near and far to help. For example, when curating content about Grandma; brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren may have pictures, keepsakes or stories in their possession. myPosterity makes it easy to narrate Grandma’s life from multiple perspectives.

Curate, narrate, archive

There are many mementos that help tell a life story. With myPosterity, you can pull it all together––old photos, letters, heirlooms, and other items of significance, then narrate stories that bring your loved one’s past to life.

“This is an article from the Rochester local newspaper in 1977 when Frank and I bought Rick’s Prime Rib House restaurant.”

“This is Grandma’s recipe book, filled with her favorite family recipes from her mother and grandmother. She gifted this to me when she taught me to make lasagna.”

The benefits of a life story for Alzheimer’s care

It promotes family communication

Involving family members in a life story project stimulates meaningful social interactions between the person with Alzheimer’s and their loved ones.

It acts as a form of therapy

Reminiscence has been shown to increase the ability to communicate, alleviate symptoms of depression, and increase feelings of self worth.

It enhances caregiver relationships

Life review projects are shown to decrease caregiver stress and improve relationships between the person with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

Preserve the memories of a loved one with Alzheimer’s

myPosterity makes it easy to capture the memories and stories of a person with Alzheimer’s.

Loved ones near and far can help Grandma tell her story, even when they can’t be with her in- person. Photos and narration bring your loved one’s legacy to life, and puts it in a place of safekeeping for you and yours forever.

With myPosterity, your loved one will have the peace of mind that their memories will be preserved––and the comfort that comes with sharing what’s important to them.